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The JeJe Empire

A GLOBAL WEARABLE ART BRAND Founded in 2015 ‘The JeJe Empire,’ started as Royal Rainbow Art, a brand created to promote Afrocentricism through African Art, It became Jeje LLC at the beginning of 2018, and was later reduced to Jeje clothing later in the same year. In 2019, the name was upgraded to ‘The Jeje Empire’ – a conglomerate of businesses.  The JeJe Empire creates wearable Ankara arts and western culture appropriate clothes that implement Ankara. Also part of our brand are African beads of all kind, shoes, bags, and jewelry all made with an Afrocentric motive. ‘The JeJe Empire’ will provide everything that an Afrocentric person or anyone who just likes Ankara can wear every day, or to a special event and allowing them to look classy,  elegant,  casual, playful or whatever look they would like to achieve.


Creating sustainable opportunities for Nigerians to lift their families out of poverty by connecting them with people worldwide, through this, bringing beauty to all.


  • To allow individuals to carry their own load
  • To create dignity, ownership, and self-sufficiency, and greater self-esteem.
  • To provide an opportunity to work globally.
  • To creates lasting opportunities for Nigerians to lift their families out of poverty.
  • To Increases the individual’s income hereby the economy.
  • To Increase the bargaining power of the people and country
  • To Reduce violence crime and suffering.


  1. To mentor, coach, and partner with smart but under-appreciated people (artists of all variety).
  2. To help them get the skills and confidence they need to be profitable entrepreneurs.
  3. To provide, business training in a conducive and affordable environment.
  4. To provide guidance where they can create sustainable businesses.
  5. To assist in finding Self-generated earning opportunities.
  6. To provide Holistic support as needed even after graduating from the programme


For Olori, Jeje clothing is a combination of her heritage, her upbringing, her passions, and her experiences as a designer both in Nigeria and in the United States under her dads’ tutelage. These attributes make up the foundation of Jeje Clothing. Olori Jeje started off as a tailor who specialized in African inspired clothing, she was later inspired through her desire to grow, and the support of people around her, to turn her small home-based business into an online enterprise. With this, clients would be able to purchase ready to wear clothes. While going through the process of establishing what is now Jeje clothing, Olori Jeje has discovered a lot about the material that builds her brand  (Ankara) and has also become more drawn to the Afrocentric lifestyle. The discovery of this precious printed fabric in combination with her artistic passion led to Jeje clothing.

some other things that helped create Jeje clothing include;

*Having four generations of tailors ahead of her.

*Being born and raised in Nigeria allowing the privilege to experience the culture and environment first hand

*Migrating to America and experiencing its culture (the opportunity to achieve anything you are willing to work for).

*Going back to Nigeria as a teenager and getting to experience her heritage and culture not only through living it, but also studying about it in the University of Lagos theatre art department.

Actually getting to study the history of Africa and of African art, caused a seed to blossom into a tree inside her. At this point, she felt the need to show the rest of the world the beauty Africa has to offer. Her father is a designer kings Wears, who worked from home, so Olori has been at the machine since basically since birth. One day she thought what could be better than combining the thing she is best at, designing wears, and the thing she is passionate about, Africa, colors, and African people and unity in diversity. One day it clicked told Dad about the idea and came up with the name together, Royal rainbow Art, and it has been forward ever from there.

Her professional design skills range from the intricacies of delicate intimate apparel to the sharp clean lines of tailored menswear. She brings these skills of tasteful, modern, and personalized fashion to Jeje clothing.


All fabric is inspired and purchased directly from local fabric houses in Nigeria. Jeje Clothing remains committed to making a positive social impact and provides financial and in-kind contributions to the local people of Lagos. The goal of Jeje Clothing is for each stakeholder to feel empowered and proud, from the fabric purchase to manufacturing, ultimately to, the client. 

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