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In its most basic definition, is the documented expression of a sentient, either through or on an accessible medium so that anyone can view, hear or experience it. JEJE CLOTHING is the expression of one woman’s sentiment. Her passion for color, her culture, and intentional/ conscious growth will be expressed through a lifestyle.

WE BELIEVE`           

That an education is vital to success in the lives of many, but everybody is born with a natural skill or talent that can be groomed and applied to bring them prosperity. “Higher level education” or any standard form of education was established to first “Help people” deal with the world outside of school, secondly to nurture skills that will help us succeed. Today the concept has been twisted, the majority of the society cannot afford the luxury of that education. And the system attempts to make the people who are unable to go get a higher level education believe they have no hope. Royal rainbow art is a lifestyle that trains people based on their natural art first then teaches them the skills they need to evolve their skills to the level of a career.`

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