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This picture just totally spoke to me. It said, sometimes we pass up an opportunity to grow because we are afraid of what the next person, or even that person helping you is thinking, but nobody’s opinion of you will change your destiny.

Funny story.. about a year ago I was so broke, and didn’t have the funds to put gas in my car, but, it was totally depressing sitting home alone. I, therefore, decided to go visiting with a friend who lived very close to me at the time.

While I was there we decided to go out to an event, we wear about the same size in clothes so it was no issue, her husbands friend was also visiting and was also going with us, somewhere in conversation I mentioned that I had very little gas in my car, but not that I didn’t have any money, and her husbands friend offered 20$ to fill her up, but I declined it. I said no it’s okay I’ll get some when I’m heading out knowing I had no money and was just gonna park the car till the next time I got paid.

I denied his help because I assumed that the man was offering me money now, but would expect more appreciation than a thank u. a few days later I told my friend what happened and she is totally surprised. She tells me how nice the man is, he is happily newly married and would never have such intentions, she knows because he has been a family friend for years. I had just passed up a helper that God sent.

moral of the story…… the universe is planned out in a way that if we take advantage of what is in front of us we can achieve so much, but we allow, our thoughts, our fears, and our ego to get in the way of the helpers the universe has sent to us.

If a person offers to help it is possible that they actually just want to help, and if you have to ask for help remember that the person could have said no, but chose to help. Do not put yourself down, because you never know if one day they might need your help..

*Be mindful of the people you step on climbing the ladder to success because you will need there help if you ever have to come down*

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