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Raw Ends Sewn
She comes with her raw ends sewn, so that you receive a finished, ready-to-use product.

One of the distinctive features of headwraps is their versatility. Not only can they be styled in as many ways as we can come up with, headwraps go with a lot of outfit styles, even official looks.

Made out of Ankara fabric, the list of choices as to color and design is virtually endless. Just find something you like, style how how you choose, and you’re good to go

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ADISA¬† ANKARA HEADWRAP from JeJe Clothing’s Unique Behaviour Headgear Collection, carries the energy of the blessed ruler. Attract the blessings and display the essense of the just ruler with Adic to guide you. Incredibly versatile and can be styled in many different ways, so you can always create something new that pops. Her raw ends have been sewn so she comes ready to use.


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