Children’s headband dazzled wine

Bow Design
Unlike Serwa and Kwayo, instead of a scarf-life cluster in front, she features a bow in front, which signifies innocence, purity and virtue.

Perfect Mom & Daughter Piece
Also made out of burgundy ankara, she matches with Kwayo, making them the perfect mom and daughter matching accessory.

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KWAYO (Hausa) – So beautiful / sought after

Let that little girl know that she is loved and cherished, that she is the priceless jewel of your life, so that whenever she looks at it, she’ll be comforted by the memory of your love. KWAYO CHILDRENS ANKARA HEAD BAND from JeJe Clothing’s Unique Behaviour Headgear Collection is the ultimate symbol of love for that beautiful little girl that you can’t stop loving. She features a head band accross the back and a tasteful bow in front. She is very versatile and goes with a wide array of outfit styles.

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Blue, Blue & White, Brown, Coral & Gold, Coral Red, Pink, Pink & White, Purple, Red, Stripped Yellow, Blue and Pink, Dark Blue, Dark Pink, Light Blue, Pink pokadots, Turquoise


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